General Information

What is VEEJOY?

VEEJOY is the new streaming service from the Europa-Park Resort. Get ready for an emotional new presentation of unique stories, exciting films and series, entertaining podcasts and cool info from behind the scenes at the Europa-Park Resort. You’ll meet some familiar friends, be mesmerised by new characters and enjoy the best in entertainment.

How can I use VEEJOY?

VEEJOY can be used with an internet browser (website: VEEJOY.de/en). You can also get a little insight into what VEEJOY offers via the Europa-Park & Rulantica App. Due to licensing rights, some content may not be available in other countries.

Which content can I see on VEEJOY?

The VEEJOY portfolio ranges from entertaining podcasts from Studio78, music videos and exclusive onride videos, to insights into the past, present and future developments at the Europa-Park Resort, as well as first-class films, series and other productions from Mack Animation and MackMedia.

How much does it cost to use VEEJOY?

Much of the VEEJOY content is free of charge and can be accessed without having to log in. Further content is available once you complete the free registration or login via a MackOne account. Individual, exclusive content can be rented at a fee.

Plenty of VEEJOY premium content is exclusively included for free with the ResortPass, the Europa-Park Resort annual pass.

If at least one ResortPass is connected with your MackOne account, you can enjoy these for free.

Why should I register for VEEJOY?

VEEJOY is much more than just a streaming service: it is the new media centre of the Europa-Park Resort. In future, with VEEJOY, you’ll be able to use one platform to enjoy short videos, films and audio content. The offer will be expanding all the time – and with the free login (via a MackOne account) you will be able to get your hands on loads of exciting and exclusive content.

If you are already registered for the Mack International Ticket Shop or Europa-Park Online Shop (i.e. a MackOne account), you can use your existing login details to also access VEEJOY.

Use and rental of content

Can I also download content to watch/listen to offline?

Currently it is only possible to access VEEJOY content online via your internet browser with an active internet connection.

How do I find out about new content?

To get the latest news, sign up for our newsletter or follow the channels of the Europa-Park Resort on social media, where you will always find news about the latest content. Additionally, you can access new content directly on VEEJOY under ‘New Releases’.

Please scroll to the bottom of this page to sign up for our VEEJOY newsletter.

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How can I use fee-based content?

In addition to the largely cost-free use of VEEJOY, some individual or exclusive content is available for a fee. Paid-for content is clearly marked and can be rented within a designated timeframe.

It is currently not possible to buy content.

The standard rental period is 48 hours, although there are some exceptions when this may vary. During the rental period, you can access the content across all your linked devices as often as you wish. All rented content is connected to your MackOne account that was used to rent the content.

Plenty of VEEJOY premium content is exclusively included for free with the ResortPass, the Europa-Park Resort annual pass.

If at least one ResortPass is connected with your MackOne account, you can enjoy these for free.

How can I rent paid-for content?

Begin the rental process by clicking the ‘Rent’ button on the content page. You will then see a summary of the rented content and all the necessary information, followed by costs of your order. Once payment has been received, you will receive an order confirmation and a separate invoice for your records, by email. After the completion of payment, you can access the content as often as you wish, within the designated rental period.

You will find all rented content in your VEEJOY profile menu under ‘Rented Content‘. Rented content whose duration is exceeded will disappear from this section.

Can I decide the length of the rental period myself?

No. Unless otherwise indicated, the rental period for each individual order or contract is 48 hours.

Can I buy any of the various content from VEEJOY?

Currently it is only possible to rent content within the designated timeframe. It is not possible to buy content outright.I’ve completed the rental order process but I haven’t received an invoice. What should I do?

Please send details including your email address and the name of the rented content to: info@veejoy.de


How do I register for VEEJOY?

To be able to register for VEEJOY, you need a MackOne account. Go to the profile icon (above right) and click on the ‘Login/Registration‘ button and you will be redirected to the registration page.

On completion of registration, you will receive an email with a confirmation link. A click on this link will take you to your account.If you already have a registered login for the Mack International Ticketshop or the Europa-Park Online Shop, you can use your existing login details to access VEEJOY directly.

Is there a fee to register with MackOne account to use VEEJOY?

There is no charge to register an account with MackOne account. However, not all Content on VEEJOY is free of charge.

Why have I not received a registration confirmation email?

Please check your spam folder. If you still have not received a confirmation email, you can request a new link to be sent. Simply go to login and re-enter your email address and password. This will automatically trigger an email with a new activation link.

Please not that each activation link is only valid once. Unconfirmed registration links will be deleted after 14 days and a registration confirmation will no longer be possible after this time.

Why hasn’t my email address been accepted?

Please check you have entered your email address correctly with no typos. In addition the email address should be in a valid format (e.g. name@provider.co.uk).

Can I login with my existing MackOne account?

Yes, you can use your existing MackOne account details to login directly to VEEJOY.

How can I use my existing MackOne account to log in to VEEJOY?

To log in, please click on the profile Icon, above right. Once you’ve clicked that Icon, you will see the ‘Login/Registration‘ button.

Your account

I’ve forgotten my password. How can I reset it?

If you can no longer remember your password, go to https://account.mackone.de and once you’ve entered your email address, you’ll be able to click on ‘Forgotten your password‘ to re-set it.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password at any time through your MackOne account under Manage my profile.

How can I manage my VEEJOY profile?

Click on the profile Icon above right and you will find the link to ‘Manage my Profile‘. Here you have the possibility to edit your profile or choose a different profile.

With your MackOne account you can create up to five different VEEJOY profiles. Each profile has its own individual watchlist. Within each profile the films or audio content are being paused where you last stopped so that you can continue where you left. Rented content can be accessed from any of these profiles linked to the MackOne account through which the content has been rented.

I entered the wrong email address during the VEEJOY registration process. How can I change it?

In this case, please start the registration again from the beginning and enter your preferred email address.

I’ve forgotten which email address I used to register for my MackOne account. What should I do?

For reasons of data protection, we cannot disclose any information about emails used. Tip: try searching for your original MackOne account confirmation email in your inbox. If you are still unable to find this information, please register for a new MackOne account using the preferred email.

How do I delete my account?

To delete your account please contact us by email at: support@mackone.de.

How do I protect children from content which is not approved for their age group?

Content that is not suitable for children and / or teenagers of different ages is very clearly indicated with an appropriate age rating. It is therefore your personal responsibility as the account holder to ensure that children and / or young people are only shown content from VEEJOY or to make it accessible in any other way, that is appropriate or approved for them, within those respective age groups.

Registration for VEEJOY is only possible from the age of 18 years.

VEEJOY offers a PIN function with which users can protect certain content intended exclusively for persons aged 18+. Access to this content is only possible with the personally defined PIN number. We recommend its use especially to users with children or in environments where access to this content should be restricted.

It is the user's responsibility to keep the PIN number safe. If the number is lost or forgotten, the PIN request can be reset by sending an email to info@veejoy.de. The request must be made from the email address of the currently connected MackOne account.

Please note that the use of the PIN function alone is not sufficient to completely prevent access to content for persons aged 18+. We therefore recommend taking further appropriate measures to ensure that minors do not have access to this content.