The new Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac is finally open. Wonder what it's like to ride it? Find out in the first onride!

  • 02:15 Minutes
  • Onride videos
  • UHD
MACK Media

No rollercoaster is quite like the new Stryker Coaster in the Croatian themed area. The spectacular world first will amaze with an incomparable overall package of thrills, atmosphere and technology and set new standards in rollercoaster construction.

Voltron Nevera combines numerous innovative elements: with seven inversions, four launches, 2.2 seconds of continuous weightlessness and the world record for the steepest launch at 105°, the new rollercoaster offers an intense and unrivalled ride experience that is unique in the world.

Click on the first onride and feel right at home in the new multi launch coaster Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac!

Published on: 23.04.2024