The WODAN wooden rollercoaster is part of the Iceland themed area. Long, fast, high and featuring breathtaking centrifugal forces, this is the coaster that is guaranteed to get every guest’s heart racing.

  • 01:53 Minutes
  • Onride videosKids
MACK Media

When trees are really unlucky, they get turned into toilet paper. But some were lucky enough to become our gigantic WODAN wooden rollercoaster! Over a kilometre long, 40 meters high, with speeds of 100 km/h and centrifugal forces of incredible 3.5G at the corners, as well as plenty of airtime phases - this is truly a magnet for every rollercoaster junkie. Another spectacular feature: the new rollercoaster crosses the rails of two other attractions. The daring interaction of three of the best attractions guarantees an extra dose of thrills!