Three fans compete against the 'King' Knossi in 16 individual and group games in this new show. What absurd competitions have the game creators come up with?

  • 18:09 Minutes
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MACK Media

Let the games begin! Fearless and confident of victory, Jastin Schatz (aka Fakkt), Dominique Lucien Critelli and Sarah Desor want to prove that Jens "Knossi" Knossalla has no chance against them. In each episode of the new game show, a total of four games will be played at Europa-Park and Rulantica. Whether action, knowledge or skill - anything can be asked of the contestants! Who will manage to win the most games? 

In episode one of the game show, you can see why Knossi is doomed by the 'F', what an imperial omelette is and where the participants go to cool off. Pure entertainment!

Published on: 13.07.2023