Making of Eatrenalin: What does the restaurant of the future look like? The design experts from ‘atelier 522’ and ‘distylerie’ show us how the spectacular sensual journey at Eatrenalin came to life.

  • 11:51 Minutes
  • Documentaries
MACK Media

How does the restaurant of the future feel and which visuals, scents and sounds ensure that guests get immersed in the worlds of pleasure with all their senses? In the second episode of ‘Making-of Eatrenalin’ you will get to know the designers of ‘atelier 522’. From the design of the facade and the interior to the product and costume design, they have coordinated every detail perfectly. With the active support of Mack Animation and MACK Rides, a whole range of unusual ideas were realised. The designers from ‘distylerie’, on the other hand, take care of the Eatrenalin brand and focus on pure reduction for the logo. In addition, joint venture partner Oliver Altherr explains the design in the Ocean room and Thomas Mack gives a tour of one of the exclusive Krønasår Boutique Suites right next to Eatrenalin.