The subject of the AUREA Awards 2024 is 'The rollercoaster as a metaphor'. One of the keynote speakers is Mate Rimac, one of Croatia's greatest visionaries.

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Every year, the AUREA Awards recognise the most impressive developments in the fields of VR, AR, XR and MR. This year's keynote speaker Mate Rimac is the CEO of Bugatti Rimac. In his keynote address, he will talk about the takeover of Bugatti Automobiles, his career and many other exciting topics.

At the age of 21, Mate Rimac set about reinventing the way cars were engineered after his combustion engined 1984 BMW E30 blew during a race. Rather than replace it, he chose a much more challenging route to build his own electric powertrain – a journey that would see him spark a revolution in the automotive industry. Mate has grown the company from a specialist component manufacturer to a series production hypercar and technology powerhouse. Listen to his inspiring story. 

Published on: 22.01.2024