There is magic in every beginning: Lukas and Patrick think back to the first ideas for the coaster and define some important locations on the building site.

  • 09:49 Minutes
  • EuriginalsDocumentaries
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The construction of Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac multi launch coaster have begun. In the series 'OHM - The Construction Documentary', Patrick Marx and Lukas Metzger take a look behind the building fence and show us what is happening in the heart of Europa-Park. But even before the first diggers arrive in the new themed area Croatia, works have long started on a ride of this magnitude: The two coaster experts think back to first ideas and plans and explain the advantages of the current concept.

This documentary about the construction of the new coaster takes you right into the middle of the action of the 2024 innovation in a personal and authentic way.

Published on: 26.05.2022