The Swiss superstar DJ BoBo celebrates the start of his amazing ‘EVOLUT3ON’ show at the Europa-Park Arena. Experience the concert in full on VEEJOY.

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To celebrate his 30th stage anniversary, the Swiss superstar DJ BoBo put together a very special show programme: 'EVOLUT3ON' celebrated its world premiere in the Europa-Park Arena in January 2023. Three spectacular stages, impressive video mapping and electrifying performances create an incomparable atmosphere. DJ BoBo sings his greatest hits such as 'Somebody Dance With Me' and his latest songs - a rousing journey through time to the different eras of his music. 

DJ BoBo starts his big tour in Stuttgart on 05. May. From there he will continue through Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Enjoy the complete concert of the world premiere of his show 'EVOLUT3ON' here on VEEJOY.