First backwards nine metres into the depth, then forward through a shipwreck into the cool water. The wild boat trip in ‘Atlantica SuperSplash’ begins!

  • 03:19 Minutes
  • Onride videosKids
MACK Media

Following in the footsteps of the great seafarers and explorers, visitors embark on a fast-paced and lively boat trip in ‘Atlantica SuperSplash’. In the immediate vicinity of the huge sailing ship ‘Santa Marian’, the boats set off on an adventure through the shallows of the Atlantic in a dimly-lit citadel. At a height of 30 metres, the boats turn on a platform and whizz nine metres backwards into the depth. After another turn and a magnificent view of the Black Forest and the Vosges, it then goes at 80 km/h under a sunken shipwreck into the cool water. No seaworthy passenger stays dry here!