Ed, Edda and their friends solve the riddle of Balthasar Castle. They dare to go into the mysterious catacombs and show plenty of courage.

  • 14:55 Minutes
  • Story worldsEuriginalsCurrent recommendation
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MACK Magic

In ‘The Secret of Balthasar Castle’, the first cinematic adventure of the Europa-Park mascots, Ed, Edda and their friends have to solve the riddle of the mysterious castle. The five friends encounter and master some exciting situations as the adventurous treasure hunt takes them through the mysterious catacombs of Balthasar Castle. It’s no question that Ed, Edda, Eurofant, Böckli and Louis have to show a lot of courage here, as only together can they decipher the great secret.

Release Date: 2011 

Directed by: Holger Tappe  

Writing Credits: Benedikt Niemann  

Cast: Hannes Maurer (Ed), Julia Ziffer (Edda), DJ BoBo (Boeckli), Axel Malzacher (Louis), Engelbert von Nordhausen (Eurofant) 

Producer: Michael Mack, Holger Tappe 

Music by: Michael Kamen, Nils Rademacher, Hendrik Schwarzer 

Editing by: Nicolai Tuma  

Production Design by: Henning Ahlers 

Art Department: Oliver Kurth, Peter Charles Robinson 

Sound Department: Nils Rademacher 

 Visual Effects by: Marek Binieda, Bernd Bohnert, Beckstein Dennis, Haggi Floeser, Gildas Gerdes, Jens Harter, Ralf Hietel, Clemens Kinder, Sven Kroog, Kristian Plattner, Dominik Pott, Tino Roeger, David Scherr, Andre Schneider, Timo Schnitt, Jelto Siefken, Volker Willmann 

Animation Department: Hakan Akögretmen, Henning Baumeister, Arno Franzl, Michael Glans, Ivo Grigull, Benedikt Niemann, Matthias Reimschüssel, Nicolai Tuma 

Music Department: Nils Rademacher