Making of Eatrenalin: It feels like floating! How have MACK Rides developed the unique Floating Chair for the restaurant world-first Eatrenalin?

  • 09:09 Minutes
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MACK Media

What is the code word ‘R2030’ all about and how do you develop a transport system for a fascinating sensory journey, where food and guests are being moved? In the third episode of 'Making of Eatrenalin', we go to Waldkirch, to the production halls of MACK Rides. You will get to know the five-member team that developed the innovative Floating Chair. The name for this innovation by MACK Rides has been born by none other than Germany's King of Names, Manfred Gotta, who thought up names such as Smart, Evonik and Rulantica. From the brilliant idea to the further development of the Mecanum wheels to the software that enables the individual choreography of the Floating Chairs: this is the highest art of engineering! The patented new development can only be experienced in the restaurant world-first Eatrenalin. But MACK Rides has also developed something special for the Krønasår Boutique Suites: a rotating bed.