Find out which special tree has been planted in the new themed area, how many roles a rotating track switch can play and why Lukas has booked the Europa-Park Teatro.

  • 14:31 Minutes
  • Documentaries
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This time, Lukas Metzger and Patrick Marx's co-hosting just doesn't want to work out! In this episode of 'OHM - The Construction Documentary', they visit various projects on the construction site on their own, while the other can't be found. While Lukas talks to master gardener Sebastian Elender about the plans for the outdoor area, Patrick follows various pipes and cables from the maintenance hall that lead to the tracks of the new Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac multi launch coaster.

In this episode, Lukas also presents the entrance area of the 2024 innovation. He has put on a special show for this, so look forward to it!

Published on: 26.10.2023