Why the coaster story is not about a car, how the Tesla theme will be brought to life in the design and where all the delicious pastries come from: Lukas and Patrick explain the big questions.

  • 24:42 Minutes
  • EuriginalsDocumentaries
MACK Media

If today, anyone hears Tesla, they might first think about a car. But scientist Nikola Tesla, born in 1856 in today’s Croatia, is not just a namesake for electric cars. As a visionary scientist, he also inspired the story behind the innovative coaster. How his research about cosmic energy has to do with the high-energy rollercoaster ride will be explained by the storyteller from MackNext. The Head of Design shows strictly confidential drafts of the energy-packed theming to Patrick and Lukas. And in the decoration department, they witness how it all is beginning to take shape already. After all the hard work, they need to refuel with some special pastry. Guaranteed to be home-made and Metzger-approved!