The greatest moments of season 1, the best outtakes and never before seen scenes, including a surprise or two.

  • 25:43 Minutes
  • EuriginalsDocumentaries
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Exclusive pictures, exciting interviews with people like layout developer Stephan Alt, site manager David Studer, storyteller David Ginnuttis from MACK Emotioneers, head of design development Matthias Lange, Laura Ciano from MACK Solutions and Maria Chillis on a boat tour: The Best Of combines the greatest moments from half a year of the construction documentry of Europa-Park's new multi launch coaster Voltron Nevera powered by Rimac. We have already learned a lot about the future coaster in the Croatia themed area, as well as its theming, which focuses on inventor Nikola Tesla. In addition, we show the best outtakes and a couple of bonus scenes which haven’t made it into the individual episodes: after all, Lukas Metzger and Patrick Marx sometimes spill a few too many beans about the new coaster from MACK Rides...

Published on: 02.11.2022